Wholesale Garcinia

Wholesale Garcinia Cambogia in Canada

Wholesale Garcinia Cambogia in Canada

There is a great opportunity for you to sell garcinia cambogia supplements when you buy whole sale and sell retail.

Our leading brand of garcinia 1300 sells retail for $24.99 – $35.99 in Canada right now and thousands of Canadians have bought and used our brand to help them lose weight.

The reason Garcinia supplements that are Made in Canada are so popular because there is no risk of being scammed with a lower quality product. Our weight loss supplement is manufactured in a “GMP” certified facility that is Health Canada approved.

If you look around you’ll see there are not many garcinia supplements being sold in Canada that are made here in Canada as most are manufactured in the USA.

Garcinia 1300 Label

As you can see by the label our garcinia is the top recommended dosage for garcinia in Canada at 60% HCA and contains additional ingredients needed for maximum effects for weight loss.

Buy Wholesale Garcinia

When you buy our garcinia 1300 you can make a lot of money selling garcinia and we can supply you with Health Canada approved garcinia that is made in Canada.


Buy in the following quantities

20 bottles – $11.99 each ($239.8) – Sell for $24.99 = Profit $260

50 bottles – $9.40 each ($470) – Sell for $24.99 = Profit $779.50

100+ bottles – $8.00 each ($800) – Sell for $24.99 = Profit $1699

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These are the best whole garcinia prices in Canada and you have a huge potential to make some serious money in a very short time. As you can see it’s not hard to get just 10 of your friends or family to buy 2 bottles to try it out and you’ll pocket a $260 dollar profit.

We ship world wide everyday! We currently have a full facility of supply and match all your wholes needs.

Contact Richard Jarvis through the form below for “Larger Bulk” wholesale garcinia pricing.



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