The Only Weight Loss Supplements With Scientific Results

By | October 28, 2014

Yes there are many new weight loss supplements hitting the market these days and with the help of Doctor Oz TV show there is now more controversy over what really works which is not surprise either.

Everyone want to know what really works! If you go to any local supplement store many of the clerks don’t really offer much helpful information other than saying, “well this one is popular for weight loss”. Like me you want to know which ones are safe and really work?

Weight Loss Supplements Review

I did some digging into some real facts about weight loss products from a few prominent naturopathic doctors but also I dug into the “Organization Natural Standard” database which identifies reputable research on many different supplements including those used for weight loss.

Before we begin, supplements are graded into either “grade A” or “grade B” according to a “Natural Standard” which means the supplements have to have a positive effect on weight loss. I’m sure Doctor Oz would have made reference to this same data base in his investigation into weight loss supplements for his TV show.

Even though some of the key ingredients for weight loss may be ones you have never heard of all of these ingredients meet the Natural Standard for either category Grade A or B.

1. Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA

Garcinia Learn MoreRight now HCA is the big hype everywhere these days. This ingredient derived from the garcinia cambogia fruit rind. It’s been used for a very long time throughout history and has supporting clinical data to support it’s positive effects on joint pain and many different stomach problems. There is clinical data to support it’s effectiveness at reducing fat absorption by blocking carbohydrates while increasing fat metabolism which means it burns both food energy and stored energy in the body. HCA is a natural appetite suppressant so your not hungry all the time. It also has a direct impact on lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). The correct dosage for weight loss is 50% -60% HCA and studies indicate that higher strengths could lead to toxicity in the liver.

2. YacoYacon Syrup Learn Moren Syrup

When I first saw Yacon on Dr.Oz I though it probably taste gross but it doesn’t at all, in fact it’s sweet but not overwhelming sweet which makes it a great sugar substitute. Yacon is very high in fiber that comes from the yacon plant, the roots of the plant actually. It’s a proven metabolism booster which means it burns fat and gives you more energy which again burns more fat. Fact is there are many additional health benefits to taking yacon syrup the simple fact that it can replace sugar should be enough but it’s also very effective at lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol not to mention that the high fiber content can eliminate constipation or other digestive issues.

3. Whey protein

Whey Powder Learn MoreSeen in every body builders kitchen shelf or locker, whey protein is a staple amongst athletes for it’s ability to maintain lean muscle mass while driving calories into the metabolic furnace forcing the body to lose weight. This can be found in many different flavors in health food stores or at the your local Walmart or GNC store. Most people use it mainly for building muscle and weight loss is a know side effects which is why it’s popular. Whey protein is also an appetite suppressant and makes you feel full most of the time. It’s derived from the whey of milk, is considered to be the easiest digestible form of protein. Having more muscle means it takes more energy to fuel the body and this means burning more carbohydrates which leads to weight loss. When you make a morning shake or smoothy add 3 tables spoons of whey protein great weight loss benefits.

4. Beta Glucan

This ingredient is used to treat many different health issues because it can boost the immune system while lowering bad cholesterol and counter acting issues associated with diabetes, cancer, HIV, and infections. Derived from bacteria, yeasts, mushrooms, and algae, beta-glucans are one of the few ingredients that have been proven to aid in weight loss also even though you don’t hear much about it.

5. Glucomannan

Glucomannan Learn MoreGlucomannan is one I have heard about from different people in health forums and blogs and though I should look into it. It’s derived from an the roots of and Asian plant called Konjac, and is another source for fiber that has direct links to improving diabetes and blood sugar control, with the additional benefits of weight loss. The Konjac root has traditionally been an important food source for years and can be fried, baked, or used as a candy in Asia. The fiber helps to absorb water in the digestive tract creating a sense of being full but this will also reduce cholesterol and carbohydrate absorption as well resulting in weight loss. Glucomannan is another weight loss supplements with scientific results that is becoming more well know and is very popular for those that need to lose more than just a few pounds.

6. CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA Supplements Learn MoreThe power of taking Omega 3 fatty acids in supplement form has always been to help provide a proper dosage of and healthy fats that have many different health benefits including brain health, anti-cancer benefits and heart health. Also sold on it’s own as just “CLA” Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been proven to be VERY effective as a weight loss aid as well. CLA is sourced mainly from beef and dairy products, so if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you likely are not getting enough without supplementation derived from safflower oil. The clinical studies conducted on animal have proven CLA to be effective on weight loss but in the human trials conducted there has been some, but not too much evidence to support it as a quick weight loss aid.

7. African Mango Seed

African mango Learn MoreOnce very popular after the Dr. Oz show African mango was being sold out everywhere you wanted to buy it. Now it seems to have been replaced with more marketed (but not necessarily better) weight loss products. The mango fruit is an excellent high fiber source and is a long stand and traditional weight loss treatment and can now be found in many different dietary supplements being sold today as either part of a daily multi-vitamin or weight loss supplement. Because it’s high in fiber African mango extracts have been proven to be effective for weight loss, diabetes and cholesterol reduction.

If there’s a weight loss supplement that’s worked for you, please share. No marketing though, please.