Weight Gain on Garcinia Cambogia

By | January 5, 2015

Understanding sudden weight gainThere have been people who are taking garcinia cambogia supplements that have left some negative reviews because they say they have gained weight since starting to take the daily supplement. Fact is the ingredients in the garcinia cannot make you gain weight no more than blaming your weight gain on your daily multi-vitamins.

There can be several factors for sudden weight gain which include dietary changes, stress and water retention just to name a few but also the fact that the mind can play tricks on you too! Because your taking a weight loss supplement you may very well, subconsciously be eating more than ever. This is common with many things in your life, once the mind is comfortable with something you may tend to over indulge without realizing it.

Why Do People Experience Weight Gain on Garcinia?

Typically weight gain while on garcinia is not attributed to the garcinia ingredients but can be the result of a higher metabolism. When the body’s metabolism is elevated it makes you feel hungry because the body is burning fuel (Fat) at a faster rate and people eat more as a result. This can be counter productive.

In some cases dieters may see sudden weight gain within a very sort time frame and in these cases it may be attributed to water retention. Eating healthier and try snacking on fruits and vegetables and reducing your salt intake should help remedy the situation for you.

Garcinia supplement are taken to prevent or block carbohydrates like those found in potatoes or pasta. These supplements have worked wonders for many people and I have never heard anyone say they gained weight from taking all natural vitamins, actually just the opposite.

Mind Over Matter

When we look at the clinical studies a very high percentage of people lost weight with garcinia supplements. In these controlled studies those who were taking the placebo actually lost weight too and this is why I said earlier that the mind is a very powerful tool, if it thinks your on a diet you will subconsciously do things like eat less or walk more without realizing it. The same holds true for just the opposite too! If your more confident about dieting because your taking a garcinia supplement you will tend to cheat a bit more often with foods that are counter productive to helping you lose weight.

 How to Avoid Weight gain While Taking Garcinia Supplements

Diet Plans – One of the first things you need to do when starting out is to make a daily meal plan. This will help you to avoid cheating with poor diet choices. Also if you plan your meals a head of time fast snacking foods like carrot stick will be waiting for you in the fridge instead of you looking for just anything to snack on.

Reduce Salt Intake – Salt can actually make the body retail more fluids and as a results you will experience sudden or unexpected weight gain. Sure removing the salt shaker off the table is a start but also many processed foods contain loads of salt and you may not realize your eating it. The best solution here is to eliminate processed foods and cut back on salt and you will notice a sudden decrease in weight.