How The 5 Bite Diet Really Works – Be In The Know!

By | April 9, 2015

What is the 5 Bite Diet?

If you ever watch daytime TV there is a show called “The Doctors” hosted by Dr. Travis Stork’s and they discuss many very informative topics each episode. Dr. Storks has a book called “The Doctor’s Diet” and it gives you clear instructions on how to “Lose Weight & Restore Your Health”. The 5 bite diet comes from this book.

The Doctors Diet Book

The Doctors Diet Book

The book has many topics on dieting including the 5-bite diet and since it aired on TV it has been sweeping across the world by storm of course it seems were always looking for the next best thing.

It basically involves eating small amounts, just bites in this case to achieve very fast weight loss. There are many health care professional including Dr Oz, another daytime TV doctor who publicly stated that a low food intake (bites) over the course of many weeks will not be very healthy or safe as it triggers the body into starvation mode that can results in even more problems besides being overweight.

The main reason the “Doctors Diet” is still very popular is the fact it does explain a safe way to achieve weight loss following the 5-Bite Diet plan.

How The 5 Bite Diet Plan Works

5 bite diet plan

5 bite diet plan

Like any diet, this one tells you to drink up as much as possible and it can be of ANYTHING you desire…as long as your beverage contains ZERO calories, Yes! This includes all the zero calorie diet drinks including “Pop”.

We already know that plenty of fluids will help us to feel full while at the same time keeping us hydrated.

At anytime during this diet plan which includes lunch and dinner take drinks of water between bites and take your time, the slower you chew the fuller you will feel.
Next is breakfast and this would consist of any type of multi-vitamin and a cup of Joe (Coffee).

Now for lunch time… This is where the 5 bite diet comes into play! You are to take 5 medium sized bites of ANY food you want. It’s recommended to start with a full 5 bites of a snicker bar. This will help to slowly wean you into the state of not eating very much plus your getting energy that will help with the transition.

The 5 bite as you progress through the diet can be of different types of food, for example, 2 bites of a hamburger, 2 bites of an apple, 1 bite or mouthful of celery. Variation is a key point in the book and it will help you stay interested in following the 5 bite diet program. To still maintain a healthy diet it’s suggested to pick foods that can still provide you with protein, vitamins and minerals like those found in vegetables for the enzymes and nutrients and try to include nuts for the omega 3.

Ok so now it’s supper time and you’re going to be hungry but hang in there! Here you take large 5 bites of anything you want but try to include different food just like you did at lunch time.

That’s about it in a nutshell!

Final Notes to Keep in Mind

In addition, when following this 5 bite diet it highly recommended that you do take a multi-vitamin every day that has lots of nutrients and take a highly concentrated omega 3 fish oil capsule because of the small amount of food from the 5 bits will not be able to provide your body with enough of the key nutrients it requires to still function properly and safely. If you decide to follow this diet for the short term may not be a problem but for those looking shed a lot of weight over a long period of time taking these daily vitamins is VERY important.

Suggested Foods for the 5 Bite Diet

Here are some food ideas that will help you get the proteins, vitamins and minerals your body will need throughout this diet. Include fish, nuts, beef (Steak) chicken and turkey and all the vegetables and fruits you can think of.

Some 5 Bite Diet Cheats

Inside the book it says that you can take some cheat bites BUT only 2 for a total of 12 bites a day and you’ll be fine so it’s suggested that you take these extra bits between your meals for example one between lunch and supper and the other later in the evening. Get the most out of these extra bites an try to include foods that will provide you with protein and fats like cheese for example.