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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

So what is the Selena Gomez weight loss diet anyway? Well like anyone else celebrities look for ways to lose weight and look good too. Fact is there is more pressure on celebrities because of spot light they are in all the time.

Great news is that when our favorite celebs do lose weight they share how they’ve done it.  After Selena had posted pictures of herself on her social media accounts from a beach in Mexico many fans posted negative feedback about her weight. Some fans were quite cruel (Sorry Selena not all fans are that narrow minded) and this motivated Selena to do something about her weight.

Reports say that she gained around 20 pound directly related to her poor diet while vacationing over the course of just 6 weeks. We have all been there!

The amazing thing is that she lost all 20 pounds in just 3 weeks. Everyone wanted to know how she lost so much weight in such a short time. For starters she stopped binge eating and dropped all the junk food. The big difference between a celebrity like Selena and normal folk like us is that she has a diet coach and a trainer to keep her motivated and disciplined. Reports list the five main things you’ll need to do if you want to follow the Selena Gomez weight loss diet.

Five Main Steps of The Selena Gomez Weight Loss Diet

Great Eating Habits

Eating the right foods can actually curb your appetite. In Selena’s case she had a strong sweet tooth and was often coached about how to deal with food cravings. Poor dieting to lose weight will actually increase your cravings for poor food choices. It’s important not to cut yourself completely off of bad foods unless you have really strong self discipline. Controlling what you eat, including good and bad foods, and how much you eat will help control your weight.

Try to remove deep fried foods, sweet treats and add metabolism boosting foods or fat busting supplements like Garcinia or CLA.

Selena was also adding organic apple cider vinegar to her diet for the purpose of appetite suppressant by making her feel full while naturally boosting her metabolism. Many people overlook the strong benefits of apple cider vinegar. Adding this to her diet allowed her to suppress her sweet tooth cravings.

More Fruit to Replace Bad Sweet Treats

As reported,  Selena was able to achieve 20 lbs. of weight loss in just 3 but she did not reduce her carbohydrates. Switching to healthier alternatives like fresh fruit instead of her favourites like skittles, chocolate, and gummy bears. Selena was eating more naturally sweet snacks like pineapples, watermelons, and grapes! Refined sugars are very bad for the body and even though these particular  fruits are higher in natural sugar they contain many different vitamins and minerals while they are very high in fiber.

Making this one change saved Selena almost 1,000 calories per day.

Eliminate Fried Foods

Grilled instead of fried foods will make a major difference in your diet. Selena was coached to switch to fresh grilled fish instead of fried chicken or fried fish that are very high in unhealthy fats. There are around 9 calories per gram of fat and in just one meal these calories can really add up!

Selena made the switch to grilled salmon, and other types of fish and you can too!

Start Fasting More Often

Fasting has always been a popular dieting strategy. Intermittent fasting allows you to eat all of your daily calories within a certain time frame and then you are required to go at least 16 hours drinking just water and no food. Why is this popular? Well….following intermittent fasting will naturally increase metabolism.

In the Selena Gomez weight loss diet she would stop eating at around the 9 pm mark and then she would not eat anything until 1pm the next day. She was reported as saying doing this wasn’t that hard for her.

Start Adding More Fiber

Another key feature of the Selena Gomez weight loss diet  is adding more carbohydrates and fiber. Just before she would start intermittent fasting she would load up on carbs and fiber. She said this really reduced later cravings.

Now here’s the great thing about Selena…she actual posted some guidelines for her fans to follow if they wanted to lose weight like she did in such a short time period.

Selena Gomez Weight Loss Workout Plan

The Selena Gomez Weight Loss Diet Plan

The Selena Gomez Weight Loss Diet Plan

Additional Selena Gomez Weight Loss Diet Tips

What she recommends…

Drink sparkling water with lemon or coffee if you feel hungry because these can help curb your appetite.

Take an all natural weight loss pill that can help curbed your appetite in the morning.

You’ll need to workout for fast weight loss. Selena would follow the worked plan listed above.

Like most people who have lost some serious weight she would work out in the mornings. This is when your metabolism and energy levels will be their highest because your body had rested all night. The key here is to do your exercises on an empty stomach. This was another big contributor to how Selena Gomez was able to lose 20 lbs. in just 3 weeks.

She wouldn’t eat anything in the morning until at least 1 hour after completing her first cardio workout of the day.

If your looking to lose about 20 pounds like Selena Gomez did you can follow this same diet plan and see how well it works for you too.