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By | August 18, 2015

I received an email from a Garcinia Cambogia customer here in Canada that was worried about Garcinia scams. She should be as there are many out there online right now. See scams here.

Below is the correspondence between her and I.

Garcinia Customer Questions

pure garcinia cambogia Canada questions

You have questions about garcinia?

Name: Ashleigh McNear

Comment: I have just purchased what I thought was 5 bottles and receive 1 free for $104.99. When I received my receipt saying Pay Pal has sent my payment off to you, the quantity shows ONE. I am concerned that I have been scammed and paid a very high price for one bottle.

On the same receipt it shows the merchant information as “rejstores@reztel.net, which i attempted to email, and locate online I was unsuccessful at both as I wanted to put my mind at ease.

The same receipt shows that I have paid $11.00 for shipping to which there is no information on the method or when the parcel will arrive. I am concerned that I have been scammed as there is no accurate vendor information or way to contact you.

My Reply

Hello Ashleigh,

Nope not a scam…I’m a real person who sell the Garcinia. Yes I received your order and it’s for the buy 5 get 1 FREE for a total of 6 bottles.

Thanks for letting me know about the old email of mine I will have to get that changed in Pay Pal.

I will your order shipped out to Calgary on tomorrows truck.

If you have any questions about the garcinia at all please drop me an email.


Her Reply


Thank you so much for your prompt response. I was a bit leery with the conflicting information, plus the responses to the questions ask were all from 2012, 2013. I had to go to several different sites before I found anything from 2015.

I had ordered Garcinia Cambogia from another place from a Facebook post. Was told would have 14 days to try the product and was charged over $125.00 for one bottle before the trial period was up. It has been a frustration to have my money refunded. However, I must say that I was very pleased with the results of the product and look forward to using it again and doing business with a legitimate business in Canada. I was just in Piction and Tweed 3 weeks ago when I was visiting my friends in Ontario. Wish I knew of you then.

I also saw on your Facebook page that you will sell wholesale. Am I correct in this. I have already lost over 17 inches in less than 2 weeks an have had several compliments. If when I receive this product, and I hope it will work as well, I am sure I will have others who will want to use it.

When I took the other product, the bottle said to take 3 per day, one time. As it did not say 1 prior to each meal, I took all 3 at once about an hour before lunch, along with one Green Coffee. Do you recommend to use Green Coffee with this? Do you still recommend to take one about 45 min. – one hour prior to breakfast and lunch?

I appreciate your assistance,

My Reply


Hey I used to live in Tweed…on Crookston Road I ran the retirement residence for seniors there called Heather Brook Manor and I now live in Picton.

Good to hear the garcinia worked for you before! Our is made here in Canada in a GMP facility that is approved for manufacturing supplements by Health Canada. Ours is also the highest doctor recommended dosage at 60% HCA and it’s pure or we would not be able to sell it.

The Dr Oz Show recommendation is to take 2 a day but 1 capsule 45 min before your two biggest meals of the day. Many of the friends that I had taking it were taking 2 capsules at the same time just before lunch and had lost some serious weight. They now buy it wholesale and sell it.

Yes you can buy wholesale also and make some money at the same time. See HERE

I have heard of many scam stories it’s just crazy. I feel bad for those people getting scammed and created a post about it to help consumers avoid the scams. See HERE.

I know of many people that take the Raspberry Ketones with the garcinia and say they actually find they work great together. You can certainly take other weight loss supplements such as green coffee bean extract.

I wish I had of know earlier that you were interested in taking additional supplements I would have thrown in a free bottle of raspberry ketones for you to try so that I could get your feedback. You product has already been shipped.

Well I will for sure on you next order and let me know if you want to buy wholesale for your friends.