Janice B Garcinia Customer Review

By | February 24, 2014

Janice B ReviewHello my name is Janice I’m 24 and I bought two bottles of garcinia 1300 from Amazon.ca. When my product arrived I was approached to conduct a product review for the product and send it in. I was asked for an honest opinion to discuss everything good or bad. I would start by saying I choose this product because there was no other product that came with a free ebook. At first I didn’t receive the book with my product so I contacted the seller and they emailed it. I guess it was emailed before but I didn’t see it anywhere. I took my first 2 tablets when it arrived. I was reading the book and learned a lot about it. We are suppose to take these 45 minutes before meals and I didn’t know that. I did research before but I guess I missed that one. So basically we need to take these twice a day and not 2 at the same time. Oops! So I started taking them as directed in the book and after my first bottle I was down by 6lbs. I am very happy! I’m almost done my second bottle and I have lost another 3 pounds. I look and feel great! I find the pills a bit big to swallow so I found gulping it down with water works good. My friends tell me all the time now. I would recommend this product to anyone because it does work.