Is Garcinia Cambogia a Scam – The Real Truth

By | May 14, 2015

Well this is certainly the question of the hour and and I have just the answers for you. There are so many garcinia supplements online these days you’ll be getting scammed for sure if you don’t know what your buying.

Garcinia Scams

Garcinia Scams

The Quick Garcinia Cambogia Scam List

  • STAY AWAY from FREE Trials – Many are scams designed to suck you in!
  • STAY AWAY from auto-ship! Look close at the fine print they are scamming you!
  • Do NOT buy Garcinia with HCA over 61% OR HIGHER! Wasting your money and health!
  • Stay away from over priced bottles of garcinia, many are scams!
  • Are you taking the garcinia cambogia supplements properly? Many people do not so they call them scams!

So let’s look at each one of the issues a bit closer to understand how many people just like you are getting scammed with garcinia supplements online these days!

Can you spot a scam? Watch the video!

Garcinia Cambogia Free Trial Scams

First of NOTHING is FREE! Marketing a free bottle of garcinia is designed to suck you in! Check it out…if it’s FREE the why do you need a credit card to order?

Here’s what’s going on…

You see “Free Garcinia Cambogia” offers online and think your getting a free bottle and all you have to do is pay the shipping in many cases. You fill out all of the form with your name and address then they ask you for a credit card…why? Because they are going to bill you for more over priced bottles of garcinia supplements later, if you don’t contact them and say you don’t want anymore. The free bottle offer is designed to get your credit card information and email address ONLY!

They do NOT care if you like the garcinia supplement or if they worked for you or not because they are going to bill you later for more bottles without your consent regardless!

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Auto Shipments of Garcinia Cambogia Explained

When you place an order for garcinia supplements online, even with the Trail offers or Free bottle offers in 99% of all cases you’ll be signing up for the auto-shipping of more product and you won’t even know it.

Somewhere on the website you decide to buy from will have “FINE PRINT” that tells you that 15 or 30 days later you will billed automatically for more garcinia unless you call them to cancel your auto-shipping subscription.

Fact is many people forget to call and cancel their subscription that they probably didn’t know they signed up to in the first place. Also many online retailers are unreachable by phone or email AND if you do finally get a hold of them they will say ok and cancel for you BUT they will charge you and send you at least one more shipment. Why because online marketing statistic show that consumers are more likely to just pay the extra or unwanted charge then they are to fight to get the charges taken off their credit card. In many cases as a last resort you’ll be left with cancelling your credit card.

Make sure you look for any fine print. Further, according to Forbes Magazine, a very high percentage of online shoppers will continue to place and order even if they do read the fine print. Crazy if you ask me.

Stay away from website with fine print and auto-shipping offers!

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DO NOT buy Garcinia 65% HCA or Higher!!!!

Just like most things in our life we always think more is better! Not always the case as I will explain. There are higher dosages of garcinia supplements all over the place online and that is because there are no restrictions.

The correct dosage of garcinia is between 50% – 60% HCA ONLY!!! Why? Because the HCA is the active ingredient that works in the liver and higher dosage can damage the liver tissue creating toxic damage. Also at the higher dosage it won’t matter because the human body can only use so much before it discards the reast. To MOST effective stick to the doctor recommended garcinia dosage.

Note: What you can do is increase from 1000 mg 2x/day to 1500 mg 2x/day with the HCA levels at 60% MAX.

Garcinia 1300 Label

Garcinia 1300 Label


Speaking of More is NOT Better $$

Some online retailers will want you to believe that they sell a pure or higher quality garcinia supplement but the real truth is…this is NEVER the case!

The regular price of garcinia online or in stores will be around $25 – $30 a bottle. If you are paying more then your getting scammed into thinking that it’s a higher quality and it won’t be.

If the garcinia supplement you choose has 100 mg of 60% HCA then your getting the correct amount and you do not have to pay BIG bucks to get it. On the other hand, famous TV Doctor OZ had conducted a study on the leading garcinia supplements being sold online in 2013 and found that not many of them actually contained what the ingredients said on the bottle label. In Canada this is against the law!

Garcinia cambogia supplements that are made in Canada will be the 100% pure and Health Canada approved garcinia so you will know your getting to correct product!

Is Garcinia Cambogia a Scam if it Doesn’t Work?

In my experience selling garcinia online real garcinia supplements are NOT a scam and I have proof. Before I sold any garcinia online I bought 10 bottles and gave them to my friends and family to try. Everyone that tried it said it worked for them…That’s a 100% success rate, a 10 out of 10.

Once I started selling the garcinia online I had some customer tell that the product is a scam because it didn’t work for them. As I’m sure that for some people it may not be too effective for weight loss but success depends on a few factors.

Are you taking the garcinia properly? Many of those that called it a scam were not. Taking two capsules first thing in the morning will NOT work. Skipping days will NOT work! Taking the supplements with meals or after meals will NOT work. Eating the wrong diet they will not NOT work. Buying junk supplements online may not bee to effective either.

You need to take the garcinia 45 min – 1 hour before your two biggest meals. The garcinia is a carbohydrate blocker and needs to be ready to stop the carbs from your meals BEFORE you eat them. Taking the supplement with meals or after will defeat it’s purpose.

One customer told the supplements were a scam but she bought a 1 month supply and just finished that 1 bottle 3 months later. She wasn’t taking them daily so they didn’t work for her. Is garcinia cambogia a scam or not for her? Not!

One customer was a cyclist that ate a very low to no carbohydrates in his diet. If the garcinia has not carbs to block then you may not see very fast results. Results will come a lot slower because the garcinia will still boost your energy levels leading to more energy and more calories burnt.

Make sure your buying from a trusted source like

Canadian made garcinia supplements are better, period!