Taking Garcinia Cambogia Properly for Fast Weight Loss

If you have tried to take garcinia before and you didn’t see any results then you could be taking your garcinia wrong or your taking the wrong type.

Taking Garcinia Properly is Key!

How to take garcinia properlyAfter reading many different garcinia cambogia reviews saying the product doesn’t work I thought it would be best to list a few key factors that you need to make sure of to get 100% maximum benefit from your garcinia supplement.

Have you been taking 2 supplements at the same time everyday? Have you been taking yours with meals? Do you know if the brand you picked was the correct type?

If this sounds like you? then you may not getting maximum benefits from your garcinia cambogia extract. You need to learn how to take garcinia properly and we can show you how.

The main reason people fail with this new supplement is because they are taking it wrong.

You need to take garcinia pills BEFORE YOU eat!

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Taking Garcinia at the Right Time!

Think of garcinia as a police road block designed to catch a car full of bank robbers. If you wait until the robbers pass you then you put up the road blocks what are you chances of catching the thieves? NONE.

To take garcinia properly it has to be in your system 1 Hr before you eat because it cannot block carbohydrates if the garcinia is NOT in your system to stop the carbs when you eat them.

If you watched the shown on garcinia cambogia Dr Oz aired you will hear him talk about a few of these key factors on what to look for when shopping for garcinia.

What You Need To Make Sure of…

  • The Garcinia is 50% HCA. Look on the label and see if it reads 50% HCA somewhere, if it doesn’t Do Not Use it! All the clinical studies that have been conducted on garcinia have been at a 50% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) Level.
  • The Garcinia must contain chromium, calcium and potassium. These three ingredients help absorb the HCA into the body. These are vital and you should see them on the label. If they are not there Do Not Buy it. A friend told me he got his garcinia cambogia extract from GNC in his local mall and it did not contain these key ingredients. Heads Up!
  • Timing is EVERYTHING. Garcinia need to be in our system before eat because it needs time to inhibit the citrate lyase enzyme, doing this will then stop the fat-making process when the food you eat gets digested. Take garcinia 45 – 60 minutes before you eat so it has time to enter the system and set up road blocks for the carbohydrates. If you take one on the morning but do not eat until 3 hours later this OK you just want to be sure your NOT taking them too soon before you eat.
  • Low Carbohydrate Diet – Although not very common, some dieters that are already on a low carbohydrate diet start to take garcinia in the hopes of see amazing results. If you are already on a low carb diet results will be seen slower. You will lose fat but not as fast as some whom is 300lbs and eats 4,000 calories a day. Be patient it will come.
  • How many are your taking – The ideal garcinia cambogia dosage is 1000mg taken twice a day. So buy 1 bottle with a 30 day supply for a total of 60 capsules. This makes it easy to remember as there are only 2 caps to take so take them before your two biggest meals of the day. Other brands will catch your eye with “180 capsules” per bottle but in fact this means the dosage is smaller per capsule so you’ll have to take 6 capsules a day. Good luck trying to remember to take that many everyday.
  • Do NOT take both at the same time. Stretch it out so you have the garcinia in your system longer. It’s best to take them before your two biggest meals during the day.

If you follow these guidelines you will be sure to see results within days.

How to Speed Up Weight Loss

Now that you know all the correct ways of taking garcinia properly you can actually speed up the process of weight loss by doing a few things extra. Even though this product boast “weight loss without exercise” you really should try to be a bit more active and as result you will be amazed at what it can do for you.

More Energy – Try to do a few extra things around the house each day. After a few days (or less) of taking the supplement you’ll begin to notice more energy. Put it to good use and in turn you’ll be burning off current fat stores in your body and weight loss will come sooner.

Extra activities doesn’t have to be a full length workout schedule either, although this would be good for you too…It can be a little extra walking or simply doing some extra chores around the house. The more you help yourself the better you will look and feel.


9 thoughts on “Taking Garcinia Cambogia Properly for Fast Weight Loss

  1. antoinette

    I’ve been taking Garcinia Cambogia for a week and I don’t see any results.I take 2 pills in the morning.

    1. Garcinia Extract Post author

      Yes like most your taking them wrong. Its VERY important to take them 1 Hr before meals. You should not take them both at the same time. You need to them 1 at a time 1 hr before your two biggest meals of the day. Read How to take Garcinia properly.

      1. Sherry

        Dr. Oz’s program, and other research shows that Calcium inhibits the absorption of the HCA. One should purchase only GARCINIA GAMBOGIA that contains around 1300 mg of the HCA and some potassium, no other ingredients or fillers. The correct way is to take one tablet twice per day, about 1 hour before meals. You choose which two meals are your largest intake.

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  3. Bernadette

    I read a lot of interesting stuff about garcinia and the fact it’s great for you other than just weight loss. Thanks for providing your garcinia in Canada.

  4. Adelaide

    I found that when you take them is the key! I wasn’t seeing much for results and started to research why Dr Oz would say these work but they weren’t working for me. Come to find out I needed to only take 1 at a time not 2 like the directions say. one hour before meals is how they work. Now i’m seeing weight loss, not much but way better than before. I’m down 7 pounds total so they do work.

  5. Jamila Hackler

    WOW it really does work!! For those who were doing what I did and were taking 2 garcinia supplements at the same time first thing in the morning will see some results like I did but I really started losing weight when I read what you said about the before meals at least 1/2 hour. This really made a difference for me.

    Also I love the fact that my Garcinia 1300 bottles came within 2 days of ordering. I was looking for garcinia in Kingston and all I could find was the 50% stuff. Glad to have found you guys. Thanks

  6. Carol Barnet

    Yes it does make a BIG difference when you take the garcinia. I have lost weight taking two pills first thing in the morning but after following your steps here I have lost 17 pounds. For those that say the product doesn’t work or it’s a scam, do your homework, the information here provides exactly what you need to see weight loss.

  7. Chassidy Hamrick

    It was difficult to find an actual product that works and wanted to say thanks for the garcinia. I live in Vancouver and wanted buy garcinia around here and I could find brands but none have 60% HCA. Walmart carry’s 50% and friends of mine were taking it but seeing nothing in the way of results. Your information about how to take the supplements properly sure did help and maybe that was the difference?? Thought I would let you know.


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