3 Foods to Stop Bloating

By | March 27, 2014

How to Prevent BloatingIf your trying to lose weight but your feeling bloated all the time is the cause of excess gas build up.

In most cases the bulges and rolls that are haunting you in the mirror are not always excess body fat, but unneeded bloating.

Bloating impacts everyone from time to time and it is not, as many people think, excess water retention. In fact, bloating is triggered by gas develop in the abdomen.

In addition to destroying the shape of your cocktail gown, bloating can be exceptionally irritating in both mixed company or at home. If you are wanting to stay clear of bloating, there are 3 sort of foods that you might want to think about avoiding: milk, processed food, and carbonated refreshments.

1. The #1 Contributor to Bloating is Dairy

Consuming too much dairy products can cause uneasy and uncomplimentary bloating. These individuals are most likely to experience bloating after consuming milk, consuming cheese, or delighting in ice cream.

Attempt going 2 weeks dairy-free if you struggle with sensation bloated after consuming milk products. You will like just how much trimmer and healthier you will feel when you aren’t puffed up all the time.

2. Stay Away From Junk Food

All of us already understand that processed food is not a food group that we must eat on the regular. Many individuals fall into the trap of permitting themselves to have small amounts of junk food each and every day. They validate this with the knowledge that, calorically speaking, their processed food habit is just a very small part of their everyday consumption.

Even if you are consuming just an extremely small portion of processed food daily, you might still be upping your threat for belly bloat. The sodium and sugar in unhealthy food is a recipe for true bloating disaster, so choosing to treat on fruit, like watermelon or pineapple, instead will go a long way towards losing weight and your shape.

3. Pop is not Popular – Avoid Carbonated Beverages

As is the case with many things that are bad for us, we all know that soda are bad for us but we drink them because they taste good. A can of soda really is just 12 ounces of vacant calories, but that does not stop millions of Canadians from guzzling them down.

In addition to stripping our teeth of the protective enamel sodas can contribute to many health risks also. Carbonated beverages are likewise a significant factor to bloating. The gasses in beverages build up in your digestive system and can lead to that awkward sensation that we all know so well.

And it isn’t really just the full-calorie sodas that can trigger bloat! Any kind of carbonated drink, consisting of beer and seltzer, can cause bloating. You are far better off changing to iced tea or water. I love water with slices of lemons in them.

Bloating happens to everyone, but for many it can be prevented by staying clear of things that cause bloating. If you are aiming to reverse the method you feel and look about yourself and your midsection, eliminated dairy products, unhealthy food and carbonated beverages. You will be amazed by the results!

If you find that bloating is still an issue for you you may want to consider a cleanse.

How did eliminating these foods change your life and look? Inform us in the comments!