Garcinia Question From a Customer in Edmonton

By | February 24, 2015
Garcinia Questions and answers

Garcinia Questions and answers

I get customer emails all the time writing me saying they got scammed or the product they ordered didn’t work and can I help them and I try my best but the issue is that there are so many garcinia scams or misleading marketing ploys that even I cannot keep up with them. My goal is to help people lose weight, just like I did using garcinia but you really have to know what your buying and where your buying your products from.

Below is an email from a dieter in Edmonton who has bad luck with buying Garcinia supplements and I will explain why she has and how to avoid these kind of scams or ineffective weight loss products.

First thing you should is that when she refers to Green Tea Extract she really means Green Coffee Bean Extract, I spoke with her after I received the email below from her.

Garcinia Question from a Customer in Edmonton Review 

Carolyn Belen writes…

“Hi, I was looking for a good product that is really effective. I tried this GC with coffee Green Tea few months ago, but bought it in other online website with their trial bottle just to pay shipping that cost me only less than $6. It really works for me, I’ve seen changes in my body and lose few lbs in only a week. But I just found out that they will automatically deduct a monthly and regularly a big amount in my account, which I was able to cancel it right away. Then I was looking on other online website but as I review their term & policy, they were same, scum. So I bought some product in pharmacy nearby but it didn’t work at all. I just bought one at Costco but still no effect at all.” 


Any website that offers so called FREE trials I would stay away from because in most cases they do this to get your credit card information so they can auto bill you AND auto ship you more product later without your approval or consent. Folks there is NO SUCH THING AS FREE! There is always some trick to the marketing. The only way you get anything FREE these days is dealing with a small family business/website like us here at where we have shipped free product to help people get on track or we provide free information to assist with your weight loss goals.

In Carolyn’s case she fell for the “FREE TRIAL OFFER” which ended up costing her a lot more money down the road. Auto shipping and billing is wrong and websites that do this are stealing from you, stick to a trusted website like us.

Next Carolyn bought garcinia at local pharmacy which is convenient BUT with many brands out there the strength of the HCA in the garcinia supplement is a lot less. The main threshold and doctor recommended levels of HCA is between 50% and 60% and NOT 1% more. Most pharmacy’s in Canada carry HCA 50% garcinia which is ok for some people but not many. The safest and most effective level is 60% HCA anything higher has NOT been sufficiently tested and could cause liver toxin damage that can either cause issues right away or later on in life.

Stick with the doctor recommended dosage of between 50% and 60% HCA. If you are not seeing results with the 50% HCA then move to the stronger 60% HCA but do NOT go any stronger instead increase your daily dosage from 2000 mg to 3000 mg up to a maximum of 5000 mg/daily.

Carolyn Garcinia Question Continues…

“I just read all the comments and your reply to customers which really convinced me. I want to buy and try your product GC 1300, but I want it with Coffee Green Tea Extract. I was trying to look at your website the coffee green tea but there’s none. I read from your comment that you also carry it. I just wonder if you can deliver me the Garcinia Cambogia 1300 with the Coffee Green Tea Extract so that I will pay only one shipping for both. Please tell me also how I can make the payment, PayPal or if e-transfer is possible. I just want to try these first, so please deliver one each bottle for now. I will put my address and contact number at the bottom part for our possible transaction, because I think I can trust you with confidentiality matter.”

“If this product will work for me and I will notice changes in me in a 1-2 weeks of taking it in a regular and right dosage and right time, I will make another order in the third week until I achieved my goal. I will also recommend this to my friends. I also want to know if you have free samples at first bottles and/or any promotional discounts, please let me know.”


The “Coffee Green Tea Extract” that Carolyn is talking about is actually Green Coffee Bean Extract and I do still sell it but I no longer carry it in inventory here so I cannot ship the Garcinia and Green Coffee bean together. I fact I sell it through another website I own and operate HERE.

I do carry the Garcinia 1300 here and ship it everyday across Canada and yes we accept Pay Pal and e-transfers with are completely free to use.

Carolyn did attach her email and contact information that we do keep confidential because we a trusted source for garcinia in Canada and we are family owned website that would never exploit our customers information.

Next, as you know everyone is different so weight loss supplements work GREAT for some people but not for others. If you are not seeing results while taking your garcinia supplements the be sure to see our page about how to take garcinia properly. Many people who have not seen weight loss while taking these supplement will blame the pills when in fact they do not know how to take them properly in the first place. The directions for use on the bottles are not very informative at all and can be misleading.

Carolyn finished with the following statement…

Carolyn Belen

Garcinia Cambogia Questions

“Hoping to hear from you soonest because I need to slim down the soonest for some gathering, vacations, etc. Thank you in advance for any assistance. God bless and more power!”

Kind Regards,
Carolyn Belen

Thanks Carolyn for asking all these great questions and I’m sorry to here you have not had great success with other websites or products out there and I hope my feedback will help you and other garcinia cambogia customers out there!