Garcinia Not Working? Here is Why!!

By | December 3, 2014

Not seeing weight loss with garciniaIf you have been taking the garcinia cambogia pills for weight loss then you must have heard about Dr. Oz getting in some trouble for promoting it as a miracle pill and now many people are leaving bad reviews about the new supplement everywhere.

People are calling it the garcinia is a scam. This may be a bit extreme because the garcinia really does help you lose weight. If your not taking it properly or you bought just any brand with the best marketing then you may not see results but this is not he supplements fault and I can prove it.

My friends and I take garcinia and some are getting completely different results. I have lost 12 pounds over the last 3 months but yet others have not seen any weight loss and they are saying that garcinia just doesn’t work.

How can this be possible when there are so many positive clinical studies proving that garcinia really can help you lose weight. Even Dr. Oz did his own mini study with participants from his studio audience and prove it was effective for weight loss in addition to the already many positive reviews from so many people who have bough and are trying it for themselves.

So why are there so people out there that have not seen any weight loss with garcinia supplements? Based on my experience Dr Oz does know what he is talking about and he proves it but also he doesn’t just give advice on his show with doing his research first. I wouldn’t call garcinia supplements a “miracle in a bottle” but my experience is that these supplements do work if you take it properly. After all, how can so many clinical studies including one done by Dr. Oz be wrong. Are the fake? Are they scams?

Fact is I think many people choose to take this kind of weight loss supplement for the right reason but it’s the wrong type of supplement OR based on my investigation people are just taking the garcinia wrong because they don’t know any better.

One of the main things to keep in mind when choosing garcinia is that this type of weight loss supplement blocks carbohydrates from the food you will eat throughout the day so people shouldn’t expect it to boost their metabolism giving them more energy like raspberry ketones can do or expect it to be a great appetite suppressant like saffron supplement. It’s a carbohydrate blocker! This is how this supplement works.

It was hard to understand why those people who were taking garcinia were not seeing any weight loss. You will be very interested in what I found out and you may be doing the exact same things.

I started to do some interviewing for myself an now it’s all very clear. After getting feedback from my friends and the customer interviews, I have complied a list for you showing the reasons why garcinia was not working for them.

The Real Truth Why Garcinia Doesn’t Work

Reason #1Inconsistent – Ruth a 56 year old lady who lives in my area, whom I gave 1 bottle of garcinia to (for FREE) when I first started mine was very excited to try these pills. After 3 months went by and I never heard from her, I contacted her to she how she made out. She told me the pills didn’t work for her. A bit surprised Inquired as to how she was taking them and asked if she wanted another bottle. She replied, no it’s ok I still have a half a bottle. WAIT!!!….how can she she still have half a bottle when the bottle is a 1 month supply of 60 caps and I gave these to her 3 months ago? Of course they didn’t work!!!

Reason #2 – More educational
The wrong time – Beth a good friend of mine was already taking garcinia but was almost out and asked if she could try the same ones I was taking because the ones she bought online for $55 a bottle were not working. The first RED flag to me was the price, garcinia doesn’t cost that much, expect to pay under $30 a bottle.

So I gave her 2 bottles from my stash and 6 weeks later we were over for dinner and I observed her taking a hand full of supplements with supper. She takes many different supplements including multivitamins and always takes them with meals she said INCLUDING the garcinia I gave her. WRONG!!! cannot take the garcinia with meals because it cannot set up road blocks for the carbs from the food your eating if your taking the supplement at the same time as the food.

To block carbohydrates the key ingredient in garcinia (HCA) has to have time to get to your liver and prepare to block carbs from entering. There is no point taking garcinia intended to block carbs if your taking them with food, they just don’t work that way.

90% of the people I interviewed told me the exact same thing, some were even taking 2 garcinia supplements with their breakfast in the morning. Of course they didn’t see any results.

When I explained to Beth how to take the supplements properly she dismissively said “I know that’s how I take them but they don’t seem to be working”. Clearly she was not taking them properly because she was taking them with her supper. She’s only fooling herself and she’s the one that will not see any weight loss.

Reason #3Low Carb Diets – Janice another friend of mine who got 1 bottle off me to try said that she has seen no weight loss at all and she has been eating a low carb diet. Well you should know that for as long as I have known Jancie she has been into exercising and to me she doesn’t need to lose any weight but she says she wants to get rid of her belly fat that just will not go away. So she finished her bottle and was over the other day to get another bottle from me and we chatted it up.

Jancie is 37 years old and jogs just about 3 times a week and is very involved with sports so I know she would be following the correct dosage and timing with the supplements BUT she is also on a low carb diet. Garcinia is a carbohydrate blocker and if she’s already restricting carbohydrates in her diet them she may not see that much in the way of weight loss. For belly fat I told her to try a Forskolin supplement for burning visceral fat.

Eating a poor diet!

Eating a poor diet!

Reason #4 – Diet is Poor – Many people who take garcinia believe that they will see weight loss without exercise and although this is true to some extent watching what you eat everyday can certainly have a huge impact on how effective the garcinia supplements work.

Ron Williams (my Uncles friend) was taking garcinia for about 3 months he said but to me he doesn’t look like he has lost any weight from what I can see. I bumped into him at the grocery store this past summer and while we were talking I was taking a look at the food in his cart trying not to be too obvious.

The food choices in his basket were not very good ones at all. I didn’t see any fruit just one onion probably to go on the 3 boxes of hamburgers I seen under the 2 racks of ribs. Even I have to admit that I could eat better too.

Reason #5 – Poor Quality – My good friend Andy’s girls friend was already taking a product called “Miracle Garcinia” and bought this brand because it was featured with a picture of Of Dr. Oz on the website. This should be everybody’s FIRST indication the product is suspect. Dr. Oz doesn’t endorse any brand of health product so the picture of Dr Oz is fake and most likely the product is too!

This really sucks to say, but there are many untrustworthy websites out there trying to make a buck off anyone they convince to buy and they’ll use any picture or place a fake warranty or money back guarantee to get your money.

The best way to spot these site is to look for Dr. Oz’s picture, Fake testimonials or a hard to read disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Always go with a trust site. Also you can always buy a a trusted product that is made in Canada because Health Canada regulates every supplement so you’ll know they will work.


If your taking a weight loss supplement it would be best to try to eat a bit more healthier. Also you can try to get a bit more exercise simply by going for walks because muscle burns calories and the more you use them the more weight loss you can expect to see.

Carboydrates turn into energy and if you take garcinia it will block many of the carbohydrates from the food you’ll eat throughout the day but be sure to take these supplements 1 hour before meals so they have time to get into your system first before you eat.

I hope these feedback help you understand what no to do when taking the garcinia cambogia supplements so that you’ll see the weight loss your looking for.


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  1. Neil Bremner

    I have use this product for a month now , as directed, three pills once a day , at least 2hrs. before eating. I am now finished the bottle , have not seen any weight loss or redused fat flab
    What or is there any answer , working (physical work) walking 3+ km per day , less than 2000cal. Intake a day
    Nothing ??

    1. Garcinia Extract Post author

      Based on your comment it’s hard to determine much but it sounds like you may not be too over weight or you already have a low carb diet. Remember that Garcinia Cambogia supplements are Carbohydrate blockers and if your intake is already low carbs results will be very little or very slow.

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