What is Garcinia Cambogia Explained

So what is Garcinia Cambogia and why are people so interested in finding it in Canada for weight loss.

You will hear terms like weight loss without exercise, 50% -60% HCA Dr. Oz garcinia or fat burner but what is the real truth to this new supplement?

Let’s take a look where it all started.

History: Where did the Garcinia Cambogia come from originally?

If you have not yet heard of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit then it would be a bit surprising to me because it’s all over the news and internet these days. For those that have not heard about this supplement or it’s background let’s take a look right now.

You may not know that this fruit has another name “Cambooge” pronounced “Cam-Bu-Gy”. It’s about the size of an apple but looks similar to a small pumpkin.

It originated in Indonesia and all through, Southeast Asia and before it became very popular in the western world it was already being used in many meals including soups because according to locals, it was considered the “feel full” ingredient.

The Garcinia Cambogia fruit is oval shaped and yellow when ripe and is found mainly in the wet parts of the forest form what is called the “flowering evergreen plant”. This plant is easily recognized by the way the branches droop down.

What makes the Garcinia Cambogia so popular for weight loss?

The key ingredient for weight loss is attributed to the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) content found in the hard rind. So let’s take a closer look at how it effect weight in our body.

Weight Loss BenefitsOne of the first thing to look at is its ability to suppress appetite. The actual science behind this has been linked to the fact that the hydroxycitric acid has a tendency to lower blood sugar levels. When this happens the body doesn’t feel hungry anymore. This sense of suppression eliminated the desire to snack or eat.

The Other Edge of the Sword

Not only does the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in garcinia prevent hunger, it also know how to burn fat stores in the body. This is why this weight loss product is popular.

Let’s take a look how it works. Clinical studies show that the existence of the HCA in the blood stream will inhibit an enzyme called the citrate lyase. When this takes place the body is triggered into a carbohydrate oxidation process that prevent carbohydrates from being converted into energy in the liver and then stored as additional fat cells.

Evidence can be found in a 12-week study that was published by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that show the direct correlation between high levels of HCA and weight loss.

If you ever watch The Dr. Oz Tv show he also conducted his own study on participants from the audience that proved Garcinia worked for those that were taking it.

His (Dr Oz.) study was done on overweight women from the audience that volunteered to participate. They were told not to change a thing in their diet and they were not to exercise.

Half of the participants took a placebo (Fake drug) and the other half a pure Garcinia Cambogia supplement with 50% HCA. Even though both groups were found to have lost weight it was outstanding how much weight was lost in the garcinia group.

In both the published 12 week study and the Dr Oz audience study all researches agreed that a regular high-fiber diet could have a direct effect on HCA levels in the body thus effecting weight loss results. Although a high fiber diet is very good for you it can lower the effects of HCA in the body.

Try HCA 60% for Max Results?
“Yes I want HCA 60% as Recommended by Dr. Oz”

Health Benefits of the Garcinia Cambogia Fruit

There is still much to learn about the full effects of HCA in the body but it’s clear there are many health benefits with the Garcinia Cambogia fruit.

Natives have proven it to helps many different medical conditions but newer more advanced clinical test conducted in 2002 have show garcinia to be effective in treating gastric ulcers. The fruit contains garcinol, a natural anti-acid that also helps to protect the gastric mucosa membrane found in our digestive system which on it’s own prevent addition digestive health issues.

Garcinia HCA at the levels of 50% -60% can effectively reduce blood lipid levels meaning it can naturally lower bad cholesterol. In addition it’s considered to be a “Liver Protector” in such that it will protect the liver from some levels of external toxins, that may cause the liver cells to become fibrotic.

If it’s weight loss your looking for then pure Garcinia Cambogia with at least 50% HCA can help you achieve this but keep in mind there are many other health benefits that have been discovered and many more to be revealed.

Remember that it’s always best to consult you health care professional before starting any weight loss regime.


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