Why Exercise and Garcinia Supplements Work

By | March 5, 2015

Even now that the big GARCINIA RUSH is over and all the hype has settled down some people still feel they can lose weight without exercising while taking a garcinia cambogia supplement but the truth is that you can really see results faster if you exercise.

The Truth About Exercise and Garcinia 

Yes! people have lost weight without changing anything in the diet or activity levels but if you understand fat loss and metabolism than it only makes sense to exercise, even if it’s not very much everyday.

Muscles burn fat

Muscles burn fat

When we use our muscles they need fuel and this fuel comes from carbohydrates in our diet and as you know garcinia cambogia is one of the best carbohydrate blockers there is in the weight loss world.

By preventing or reducing the amount of carbohydrates we eat every day from entering the body forces our muscles to draw the energy it need from the current fat cells we have stored in out body. So it only makes sense to use our muscles through exercise so that our fat cells can do most of the supplying of energy.

We all want a six pack of abs but exercising our abdomen muscles will take forever to burn away the excess fat we have stored in our bodies. To lose weight fast and start exposing our abs it makes sense to start with the biggest muscles, which are our legs.

The quads and glutes are big and require a lot of energy when we use them so by walking everyday or doing squats will use up your stored energy (fat) faster especially if your blocking carbohydrates with a garcinia supplement. The body has no choice but to take energy from you fat.

Push-ups can help even more too because you use so many different muscles other them just your chest muscles which are big as well.

Here is the Bonus Why Exercise and Garcinia Supplements Work Great

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More energy!!

When we use our muscles this starts a chain reaction in the body that yes burns fat but also creates a chemical transformations within our bodies cells causing us to burn even MORE fat cells even when we are not using our muscles.

Some the best exercises are those that require a multitasking of you muscles meaning you’ll use many different muscle groups simultaneously so you will enhance the levels of your metabolism faster.

When exercising try to achieve a goal of 2 or 3 sets consisting of around 8 to 10 reps of each move an do this at least 2 times a week. If you decide to use weights, try to use a weight that’s heavy enough to make a difference, you’ll really want to feel it with each rep you do. Make your muscles work.

A higher metabolism means more energy and increased weight loss. Currently there are many weight loss supplements on the market right now that have a main purpose of boosting metabolism which does work very well but the reason garcinia cambogia supplements are better is the fact that they block carbohydrates before they can even enter the liver and turn into glucose.

When the food we eat cannot be turned into fuel for our muscles then the body resorts to fat stores which is EXACTLY what we want in order to lose weight.

Diet and Garcinia Supplements Explained

The next big thing that was the craze about the new Garcinia Cambogia supplement is that not only are you not required to exercise you didn’t have to change your eating habits. Well….again this is true to some extent but as I had just explained boosting your metabolism can burn fat cells even after you have finished exercising so while trying to lose weight it only makes sense to try to eat foods that can boost your natural metabolism levels.

Some great food to add to your daily diet include Avocado, Cheese, milk, Tempeh, Asparagus, Legumes, Greek-style yogurt, any type of tree nuts, Edamame, Whey protein, Spinach, Tofu, Fish and shellfish, Pseudograins, Poultry, eggs, pork, Hemp seeds, Cottage cheese and lean cuts of beef also include spices such as cayenne pepper.

Foods that naturally speed up metabolism

Of course it’s best to lay off some, not all, of the poor diet choices your used to like french fries or sodas and the reason I say some, not all is because if you deprive yourself all at once your body can have an opposite effect because it will think you are starving and actually “Lock Down” your fat cells with a purpose of conserving them. When this happens it become very, very difficult to try to lose weight.