How to Control Fat Loss Hormones

By | October 3, 2014

It really can be frustrating to weight when you take garcinia and try everything and still cannot drop weight! Weight loss can seen endless to the tips and trick you should try but what really works?

Below is what I learnt about my weight loss hormones and exactly what I needed to kick start them into assisting me to lose some real weight.

Be sure to watch the videos too! They explain a lot!

The best ways to reset your fat-loss hormones

Like the majority of dieters out there, I tried low carbohydrate diet plans, low calorie diets and even adding some light exercise and STILL… I cannot lose my love handles or my persistent belly fat (Beer Belly in my case).

Yes the garcinia helped me drop a total of 12 pounds but I seemed to have hit a my maximum weight loss point.

This drove me to do some real research and I discovered that my hormones could be the main culprit, according to the Dr. Oz show on fat loss hormones.

I know there is a great deal of criticism about the Dr. Oz Show but actually he offers many men and women real proven options to many different health issues.

Reality is we DO NOT need to consume less food, we have to pick the ideal kinds of foods that will align our fat loss hormones to where they should be to help us drop the extra weight we want to get rid of.

Have you ever heard of a hormone called Cortisol?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced by stress, earning it the name “The Stress Hormone” and when we start a weight loss plan or workout our body begins to produce more and more Cortisol. So what does this mean?

The Cortisol hormone has been directly linked to belly fat an other stubborn fat that we just can’t rid of.  With higher levels of Cortisol the more stress hormones are produced. Again so what does this mean?

Well…these higher levels then reduces the thyroid hormone that is thought about by lots of physicians to be the main controller of our metabolic rate. This hormone burns fat through boosting our metabolism.

Do you know anyone who is really skinny, sure you do! This person could have a hyperthyroid or over active thyroid which means their metabolic rate is high and it burns off fat stores and dangerously enough muscle tissue also.

Just the opposite, in some cases obesity can be caused by and under-active thyroid. My grandmother always told said… “it’s your hormones…that’s why your fat!” thanks grandma!

I was big because of my thyroid hormone wasn’t very active slowing my metabolic rate to a crawl so I couldn’t burn fat off fast enough and so my body stored it.

You need, the right food, at the correct time to begin increasing your natural production of the “fat loss hormone” and control the insulin roller coaster we put our bodies through everyday.

How Do our Fat Cells Work?

An Example: A colleague of mine was really obese and yet all day long we would take breaks together at work so I would notice that he never really consumed that much food throughout the day at all. He informed me he doesn’t really even eat breakfast either. Really?

One time during our first break together I noticed that he ate 2 chocolate bars and down half of a big bottle of home made lemonade (made with sugar of course). Lunch was a hamburger, a salad, bag of chips and a couple strands of Twizzlers with the rest of his lemonade. On the last break together I noticed that he didn’t eat much at all and sometimes it was just a pop or ice tea with a couple gummy treats he always carried around with him.

The point right here is that he floods his system with food that in turn spikes his insulin levels like a roller coaster which has been proven to convert into excess fat. It would dive up and down like a dolphin, which is what we want to avoid throughout the day.

Lastly…At the end of the day when his metabolic process was slowing down for the day he would drown it with his most significant, highest calorie meal of the day.

Starving yourself triggers the your fat cells into survival mode and they begin to snatches up and fills up with every last molecule of fat it can to prevent the body from starvation. The worst part about this alarm trigger is that the fat cells hold onto the fat it has accumulated with a very strong resistance of letting go making it very difficult to get rid of.

So what can you do to avoid stubborn fat cells that won’t let go?

Keep your meals regular to the same times everyday! Example, eat every 4 hours and here is the big key… add a fourth meal, this way your body will not feel starved and your fat cells will start working for you instead of against you.

The Dr. Oz show suggests eating one small starchy meal around the 6 – 7 pm mark everyday to help control insulin and reduce the production of Cortisol. This way your body will relax the fat cells into releasing their hard to get rid of fat stores at the hands of your higher metabolic rate.

What are The Best Burn Fat Foods?

Say Yes to Blue!

blueberries for fat lossAll types of blue skinned fruit like grapes, blackberries or blueberries have the ability to promote the production of Adiponectin the hormone that burns fat! So the best food to reset your fat-loss hormone are these types of berries. Make a smoothie with blueberries in the morning to help get you started everyday. Adiponectin is produced when you work out and it’s responsible for burning fat right? So…you can trigger this same hormone with a blueberry smoothie. You’ll only need about a half a cup everyday!

Include some Tomato Juice before meals!

Tomato juice controls insulinNext is tomato juice because it can block the release of sugars in the blood stream after meals that causes less insulin production which means less fat storage. Drink a glass before your meal to minimize fat storage from the food you eat.